Breaks to Lake Garda Holidays and Accommodation

The deepest in Europe and the italian largest sea. A lake landskape and panorama with natural beauty and rich in vegetation. Lake Garda Holidays in her his mild weather, Holidays Lake Garda offers many sporting and recreational activities. We will help to find the garda structures, infor about garda forecast and garda deals, the garda hotels, the garda farms or bed and breakfast on the lake.

Our offers for wounderful Holidays, D. H. Lawrence writes “And the Garda was so lovely under the sky of sunshine, it was intolerable”, the panoramic visions of the lake Garda, seduced many poets and artists: Foscolo, Corot, Heine, Kafka, Byron, Carducci, and Ezra Pound, The lake varies in character and has many different faces, each unique in its presentation, from sweet and smiling to rough, wild and threatening but always imposing and spectacular.

To fit your needs, the perfectLake garda Accommodation, Travel in pairs, singles or for your family. We are waiting you on the lake. The eastern shore of the lake is dominated by the long ridge of Monte Baldo that rises over two thousand meters above the lake and in its grandeur adds a fascinating beauty to the lake. It was witnessed in this way by Harris Bogart Randall, noted entrepreneur and world traveler when he arrived to the Lake of Garda for his holidays during his voyage thru Italy. “ Now I understand why / here is my only feeling of happiness - Nobody knows where I am! If only I knew a way to continue like the lake forever ". Around this beautiful lake region, the climate is pleasant and exceptionally mild which favors the growth of a predominately Mediterranean vegetation (olives, grapes, figs, oleanders, magnolias, palm trees, etc). History is told by monuments, churches, cathedrals, paintings and archeological remains. For exampe is the regio Riviera del Garda, rich with artistic testimonies. Much Holidays Offers. The picturesque villages and towns spread along the shore, offer a unique experience and a variety of natural and historical attractions along with excellent restaurants, hotels, farms, bed and breakfast, outdoor coffee houses and open markets. The lake is surrounded by an excellent network of roads and is served by ferryboat and hydrofoil services.